Saturday, November 9, 2013

What is spectacular? What is it?? what is IT??

They say it takes something spectacular for you to get out of your comfort zone.
Particularly if you are a perennial procrastinator like me

What then, you might ask prompted me to get back to writing my first blog post in years?

Nothing.. Nothing spectacular that is.
Its a Saturday, I'm at work like all other Saturdays, I drove to work today (which I've never done before, and i know this is bad news for a lot of auto-drivers around the city who took me an many a ride - pun intended)

So ya, maybe driving to work is making me feel good?
Driving my car is symbolic of driving my circumstances? No.

God forbid, i wouldn't want to drive my circumstances. I want to live the circumstances. that is where all the beauty is. The beauty of being, of experience.

I said beauty of being, whose being? mine?

God forbid, no not mine... Its the beauty of the ONE who remains hidden, yet within us all along.

I do not know, maybe its a call from this person i received just a while back... I do not know.

All i know is, spectacular is all around us. It lurking, beneath every mundane activity or situation around us.
It is lurking under the garb of boredom, its lurking under our fear. It is lurking under our hunger, our food, our breathing.

We shouldn't really try to define spectacular. We must only open our eyes.

and look around, live, and wait for that spectacular to sweep us off our feet, and lead us.

The spectacular is in us. Within us. Hidden, yet infinitely manifest. Let That spectacular drive you. Rub your eyes, out of disbelief, and you will then rub in disbelief, at the Spectacular.

Can we name this spectacular? this supremely, infinitely blessed being? Out of whose being-ness we live, feel and experience, yet not learn??

When the belief of knowing-ness comes to you, you will rub your eyes and open them wide, and you'll be surprised that all of your life, you, my friend, have been living the Spectacular!!

May we be bewildered, and in awe, forever and ever. In this spectacular, that we call - LOVE

Not the kind they show in movies, but the kind, which when realized, leaves you speechless.

Donot ask me, do not ask yourselves where you would find it.

Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.” 

What is spectacular??, it is that, which is seeking you, every second of your existence,

 Don't find it, remain silent for a while, and let it find you.

It is, what it is 

When you know this.. and you will, you will fall in love all over again, with your trials, with your difficulaties, with you unease, for in reality it was all Hidden Mercy, that pushed you to banish what is outside of you, and seek what is within,... The very core of your being, the very core of the universe, the very core of all that is... The spectacular.. Love..

What justice can i do to the #awesomeness of this spectacular, but since i yearn to... I dedicate this post to The spectacular. This my friend, this dedication, is my worship. Blessed be the spectacular!! Blessed be the spectacular..

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  1. Good write up Faiz...I couldn't agree more..its poetic.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it...Spectacular and Love are synonymous...

    We must stop just SEEING and HEARING, SNF start WATCHING and LISTENING to perceive and appreciate this Spectacular AKA Love...