Thursday, March 10, 2011

The sun and sunny days .... A tribute to Philip caputo

The following is an excerpt from 'the voyage' by 'philip caputo'

''the golden shimmer appeared where the horizon was supposed to be,then a red sun pushed up,like the head of some fiery infant bulging out of the grey sea's womb-water giving birth to its opposite element.

Take that for a piece of writing !how brilliant was that , hats off Mr caputo !! I have always believed that a great piece of writing is one that inspires the reader to think , and write !!
There are few examples better then this one , for its not only pushed me to think , its pushed me to write what i thought about too !!

Not surprisingly ,its about the sun that i have written .

Our lives, are like the daily cycle of the sun.
We take birth ,all mild ,innocent ,utterly harmless and extremely lovable , we appear but like a miracle of nature !

But as we sprout wings and fly into adolescence and then adulthood ., we , with wings , unfortunately grow horns too !... And we become more ferocious , less mercifull and more arrogant , causing discomfort to poorer beings! Like the sun in the noon , blinding yellow , extremely bright , hot, refusing to provide us with any sort of relief or shade .

But then, there is justice after all and life does teach us a lesson or two. It humbles us , gives us a chance to realise , and.... Towards the ends of our lives , we are humbled too , just like our radiant celestial neighbor.

Again changing from a fiery yellow to a friendly glow of orange , and then to a serene pink , its almost like the sun , has learnt his lesson , like he kno's he's run out of his 'sunny days', and is Reminiscing his time during the noon. And in retrospect ,is feeling foolish ,almost guilty ,
He's serene because, he must have lived arrogant, like a fool , for a certain period of his life , but he's learnt from his life and he's appreciated the beauty of it......
And now , is going down enlightened, going down wise , heart heavy with joy and remorse at the same time ,,......

Waiting for another chance... Hoping not to repeat his mistakes we wait.... For another chance ....everyday

and how marvelous is this set-up, how marvelous is GOD , HIS nature !! And how fitting that with the next chance the sun gets , a new day , a new chance to start afresh we are blessed with !!
A new page in the book of our life we turn !! A blank page more importantly , giving us a chance to start afresh , keeping the past out of our present !!

How can we not fall in love with this complicated ,yet so simple life !!


  1. Good piece of writing :) inspired me again to see the things which used to inspire me around :)

  2. well... the blog could be more aptly named "WivesandGoodtimes" what do u think? ;))

  3. Mohsin ??? Is post me tujhey 'wives' aor 'goodtimes' kahaan se nazar aa gae yaar??? :D
    i mean ., i know you are 'mohsin' !!but still !!

  4. Philip caputo= Faiyaz, superb post bro. At last u got time to put it in your blog, waiting for other posts-to-be-made.

  5. @ajay ... You are too generous with your praise for me my brother!! Maybe its the friendship that is speaking and not the 'critic ajay'... :) plus , I'm waiting to see more entries on your blog sooooon after the internals:)
    many many thanks again !!

    @mahaneesh ; I'm so glad you liked it bro !!I'm glad it inspired you...thanks for the love guys :)

  6. Yeah might be friendship, but thts too much praise.... Or... may be A-Gay and Fayaz are more than just friends... well thats possible. Sharath must be able to substantiate that!. i got nothin more to say :P

  7. Coming back to ur quetion... "Mohsin ??? Is post me tujhey 'wives' aor 'goodtimes' kahaan se nazar aa gae yaar??? :D"

    aha! u trying to mislead people, what do u have to say about this phrase in ur blog.

    "But as we sprout wings and fly into adolescence and then adulthood ., we , with wings , unfortunately grow horns too !... "

    growing horns is undustandable, but "UNFORTUNATELY".... Hmmmm that makes me think. poor old you have suffered at the horns of sharath so much! ;D

  8. Horns of sharath.. what was i thinking. bah! i should probably call it prick needles(the very very very very tiny ones). Remember u had told me once... remember! remember!. ;DDDDDD

  9. so how tiny are they really......the tiny to the power of tinyfity. according to ancient romans only those blessed with a microscope can ever see it.

  10. Maybe i should let sharath answer how tiny the prick needles really are !!
    Maybe you are dying to see the said needles... But its unlikely that sharath ever lets u get that lucky ;)

  11. The ancient Romans are wrong again I'm they normally are...
    They forgot to mention that someone with a highly sensitive tongue , and set of teeth(which mohsin has confessed to possess) could accurately determine the dimensions you mean to determine

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  13. You guys have mistaken my nonchalance, fact of the matter is, a recent scientific study has shown that 74% of the measurable mass in the universe is what these "scientists" call "dark energy" and 22% is "dark matter" only 4% is contributed by the stars and galaxies we see in the night sky. And what scien-tits call dark energy and dark matter, are in reality the shaft and the glans of my phallus respectively, I didn't want to boast about it because I had assumed that you'd have figured it out my now, seeing as how ya'll are smart and have been in my company for a significant duration of time, but alas this assumption of mine was indeed unfounded.

    However, on the "bright side", you're now aware of the truth, and can therefore look up into the night sky, knowing what is truly "out" there.

  14. leave it to Mohsin to turn a blog right on its head, a discussion about the majesty of the sun, has now turned into one about the obnoxiousness of the male genetalia. Bravo Mohsin!! Bravo!!

  15. the link you've noticed between the sun and one's life is as simple as that but very well put..