Friday, August 27, 2010

procrastination - the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time

ohh woww .... just when i take a deep breath ... smiling ... holding my cup of hot coffee and tell myself triumphantly  ''well done faiyaz .... you have finally named and started your blog in spite of yourself'' ... my cell phone rings ... i try to pick it up through the clumsy wires hanging form my head phones ... the wires are strained and before i know my coffee cup falls onto my lap spillin the coffee all over my ... well lets not go too much into detail ... but wait ... that isn't all , the phone which i wanted to recieve gets cut right at the moment i'm about to pick it and when i 'm thinking i actually picked it i here its ringing on the other end and  i hear my friend's voice ... ''how're things brother ??? '' 

makes me almost wonder if the spirit of murphy lives with me with the only intention of showing me practically how immaculately perfect his laws are ... the one he's whispering into my ear now is 

i tell its all the usual ... more worried about my zero balance now then the hot coffee clinging on to me ....
If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.... i can almost hear it .... .

well i was initially intending to type how fitting it is that i start my blog with the definition of procrastination butu now i 'm convinced nothing could be more fitting then the coffee spilling incident to describe me as i finally finally start my blog

coming back to procrastination..... how fitting that i start with this word..... my very first blog !!!!
this word has been a one word definition of my life (and countless other lives i assume)random thoughts , excitement and a bit of guilt accompany me as i type my first blog entry ..... before i bore you to death (which i  inevitably will, but in the first entry at least ) let me write about something ith a sense of direction ..... it'll take a very big effort form me because i have been a drifter pretty much most of my life ....
drifting from one interest to other ... from pop music to rap music .... to gripping novels to mysticism .... but nothing has gripped me more then writing (well reading actually) ... i have been waiting all these days to write and i dont know what to write about .... words and thoughts are escaping my mind so i'll do what i do best .... just let it drift .....

another murphy's law coming into my head now is ''Everything takes longer than you think.''

that kind of justifies me putting off my starts to a later time ... doesn't it ???

well it doesn' justify anything actually because here i have mr murphy reminding me another of hjis gems ''Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse'' and worse they became thanks to my perennially laid back approach to life ... 

sp no more delaying and here i am with my first entry into the world of bloggers ... i welcome me ... i hope you do too :) 

please dont forget to leave a comment pls ... i'll come back to continue with my posts ... babye for now ... do take care


  1. The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet...hahaha..I hope the coffee didnt burn ur.. Lmao..
    Well.. perfect post"i Loved it.. great text. congratulations..

    <3 Paty Lima

  2. a good one to start off with.................hope to see the next ones coming soon .............

  3. Hi bro,forget about internals now come out of it and start filling the blog. Waiting for your next.

  4. Finally I have read your blog.
    A good effort.A start is all what is needed. I wish and hope for a large scale effort to follow. Anyway, I am eagerly waiting for your next blog and ALL THE BEST!..... Spell your magic.