Thursday, March 10, 2011

What happens when a common man visits ub city part 2

I don't normally keep promises ,simply because i forget i made any .however your first blog is hardly somethin to forget about !! And i had promised to you that i will come back and tell you what happened while i was crossing the road !!

Well , that another day had arrived (unfortunately for u and fortunately for me ) soo, here you go (say ur prayers or close the window or do both before its too late)

when i did come out of 'ub city' i walked past itch gardenia where some of the top names of the country were motionless being treated like assets and liabilities and the ipl auction was in progress, i have never liked ipl personally and i hated auctions even more , but i doubt if my dislikes and likes matter to the rest of India , the players themselves don't mind the auctions (only overrated players i mean) so i can say nothing abt i ...... Anyways comin back to the story !!

I came across 2 little (15 or 16 something i guess) making a fuss about crossing the road!!

Now let me tell you a thing or two abt Indian girls (because most of my audience, yes i do have ppl reading my blog and I'm serious, are from the western hemisphere)

the ''cool quotient'' of a girl in India is directly proportional to her ''fuss quotient''...
If you are not familiar with indian girls and the fuss they make, you'd think they are facing a nuclear missile with bare hands.

So they were fossil crossing the road and i did not get the opportunity of knowing their names so lets call them the 'hot girl' and the 'hotter girl' (i hope i am not assumed to be a pedophiles, these are YA's we're talkin about)

their conversation went something like this
hot girl ; fuck man ....... Something something...... Fuck......something ...fuck !!!....fuck......fuck!!

Hotter girl ; reallllllllllllyyyyyyyy???? ......fuck man.... I thot....something ...something.... Fuck ...... But.... Something.... What the fuck !!!

Here's your lesson #2 ... In India , a young girl/guy's cool quotient is also directly proportional to the number of 'f' words in his/her ave sentence!!!
This is all i got to hear , i needn't hear anymore , they crossed the road as did i ...
Were they being stupid??maybe the were being natural ??? Or were they naturally stupid???

I'll never know...
All i know is ...
the way they spoke wasn't very unfamiliar to me!.... I knew it too well , heck... I even luv'd it i guess.... I felt at home !! Surrounded by the fussiness of the world,...surrounded by the stupidity of the world .... Surrounded by youthful carelessness !! I luv'd my life...

If somebody'd ask me what i learnt/realised that day I'm sure my answer'd be that ... Cool quotient's presumed to be directly proportional to a girl's fuss quotient and the number of fuck words in her language...

I am sure my answer wudnt amuse anyone ..but i luv accepting life the way it is.... And i luv stupid gilts who use a lot of 'f' words for no apparent reason !!