Thursday, March 10, 2011

The misery of being a ''thinking man''

I am not much of what 'they' call a ''thinking man''.... Or so i am told ...

In that previous sentence i really don't know who the 'they' are...
Come to think abt it , no one know''s who , the 'they' are...

Everyone says 'they' , but nobody 'is' 'they'.
So maybe there are no 'them' really !!

As to why i should not be considered a thinkin man by 'them' ?,really beats me

its not like i don't think?...
I think all the time, i think every second I'm awake, maybe i think when I'm asleep too?maybe i just don't remember the thinking part of my sleep !

I 'think' a lot of things !!,... Like....

Why is a parking lot called a parking 'lot' ,?
Is it because it has LOTS of parking space ??

Why is a 'better half' a 'better half' ??who decided that ur 'other' half is ur 'better' half ??

Why do chicks hug 'filthy rich' kids saying ' awwwwww ... My 'poor' baby??' ..are they really that blind ??

Why do some girls 'babytalk' all their lives?? Even if it sounds......well...... More baby'ish then babe'ish ??

Why do people make movies like 'golmaal 3' ?? Who invests in these??and who' watch these??

Why do ppl wrote blogpost such as these??

The list is endless !!! Inspire of it I'm not considered a 'thinkin man' !!

Its not like i WANT to be considered a thinkin man, i just wanna know why I'm not considered one ??

My brain is overcrowded with things to think about ,like I've already mentioned !
The volume of thinking is so high that I'm barely left with anything else to do !!
So I'n 'compelled' to think,......

That my thoughts aren't too compelling , is another story !

It is a kind of thinking that doesn't lead to anything, anything substantial that is, .

It is , a kind of thinking that leads to stupidity!!

Or maybe stupidity leads to this kind of thinking !!

'thinking men'..don't think of such things .,...things this trivial ....

They think of things that matter, matter to who ?i'm not sure yet !
But they think , and sentences like 'what does not kill you only makes you stronger' result from their thinking .... ...

Doubts like 'if we keep getting stronger every time we don't die !, but we eventually die, den wat use was the strength we gained by not dying' ?? ,,....result from my kind of thinking !! ..sadly.

They think and the product of our thinking make way into our English exams as 'comprehension passages' ... I think and the product makes way into an unknown blog.... (which is how it shud be ofcourse:))

pathbreaking realisations , intellectual tidbits are the consequences of their thinking.,,... But , in that case , shouldn't they be called 'great pathbreaking thinkers' or something like that ??

Because 'thinking' is too general a word for them !! Or is it too hard to realise what I'm saying ??

If they are such good 'thinkers' shudnt they have thought about it already?? One needs to be specific after all , doesn't one ??surely thinking , is too general a term to be patented for the elite !! For this patent robs a lesser mortal from being categorized as a 'thinker' ,although he/she thinks !!

Isn't this a fair enough plea??if yes, then why don't many of them agree to it ??

Maybe I'm a dick and i don't know it , maybe everyone but me is a dick and they don't know it !!
(as Jim maher wonders in the hemingway man)
These are questions that'll remain unanswered !!
All i want to tell you is (if you're still reading this that is).....,

do not think a lot , or you'll end up writing a stupid blogpost like me...
Ironically .... Without putting much of 'thinking' into it !!!


  1. A thinking man once said "thinking is stinking as long as its unpublished".
    I personally think thinking is essential, it is in these moments that you reaslise who u really are.

    but then, i "THINK"... can a dick really understand! ;-P

  2. I guess Golmaal 3 is produced by PN, hope u got it.

  3. Voltaire once said "A witty proverb proves nothing", he therefore contradicted himself in the most ridiculous and embarrassing way imaginable.

    I "think" that's how Faiyaz must've felt after "thinking" about things other people "think".

    I lol'd

  4. well faiyaz there is nothign called 'Thinking man' first of all...

    When u get bored or get hyper active some train of thoughts pass through u'r mind... when u expresses it, its either stupidity or mind blowing.. as i told before its all relative... ^_*

    And yes do not think a lot! it ought to do some serious damage to u!!!